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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kong Xi Fa Cai

Kong Hei Kong Hei. Happy Chinese New Year. May happiness and richness to be on our side forever.

Its a long holiday, so everybody balik kampung i guess. For me, it is a ritual to balik kampung on any holiday. For this CNY, i have the whole week in kampung.

What's new this year? Nothing i guess. All things are same. Our economy not so good compare to last year but people still spend for this festival but may be a bit less. Usually, during the CNY eve, i can hear firecrackers for hours but not so for this year. May be people keep their budget tight or may be they realise its a wasting of hard earn money.

BN lost in the KT by-election. It was not a suprise. My friend who in KT said it will be a miracle if BN win. Reason? I think the main reason is because of Pak Lah. As long as Pak Lah is the PM, BN will loss any election. Secondly, is the candidate. This guy is not welcome by the people. I heard a rumours that this by-election was the ground to embarassed Najib. To make him look bad.

Anyway, fuck them all. What we need is a leader who can control the country. Who can promote and market Malaysia to the world. We need a leader who can bring the economy to the level that everybody can share the wealth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More pictures

First time ride kat highway Butterworth. Helmet pinjam Mehtab punya

Sabtu petang lepas ambik moto dari kedai. Tengah practise kat area rumah Mehtab

Pandangan dari belakang

Mehtab punya Yamaha R1 2007

Mehtab tengah pasang seat cowl

1st time on the bike

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its Monday, a Suprise day

Suprise! as promised here is the suprise. I went to Penang on Friday with Mehtab to finalise my purchase of my dream bike, Honda CBR 1000rr. We arrived at Butterworth 4 am. At 1 pm on Saturday we already at The Planet Cycle Shop with the owner, Mr. Kenny. I paid the deposit and sign some papers. The mechanics were already done with the bike except some changes on the license no. We want it small and look evil. After that we rode the bike back to Mehtab house in Butterworth. So, on Saturday 10/1/2009 officially and finally i own my dream bike, the Honda CBR 1000rr. Yahooooooo
After sending the bike to Mehtab's brother in law for fork and monoshock tuning, i rode the bike around the residential area to get me familiar with the throttle, clutch, brake and most important the power. This baby is one powerfull monster. One slight mistake will send you direct to hell. This baby can reach 200 km/h on her 3rd gear easily. And can reach the top speed of 299 km/h at the 6th gear.
On Sunday, we rode along the butterworth new highway along the beach. Mehtab on his Yamaha R1 and me on this beautiful beast. Eventhough nice view but i dare not to lose my concentration on the road. I just trying to learn how to handle the bike properly. So we just cruise along with moderate speed. The fastest speed was only 140 km/h.
I will post more pictures later.
p/s Herman & Along, korang teka betul

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Aku ada suprise untuk aku dan korang semua. Akan aku announcekan next week hari Isnin. Aku pun tengah berdebar ni.