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Friday, March 16, 2007

The God of Speed

Its a bird....its a plane.....its Velentino Rossi.....
The God of Speed.
The undefeated champion of MotoGP....
He lost the title in 2006 to Nicky Hayden....but he won the most number of races....
5 to be exact compared to Hayden only 2.
The 7 times Champion is set to grab the 2007 title.
The first race in Qatar was won by Stoner of Ducati...
Rossi was second....
Those who saw the race agreed that the Ducati machine was superior.
Only Rossi can defeat them but the straight line was 1 km plus.......
When Rossi beat Stoner at the corner, the Ducati will regain the place at the straight line...
Ducati was fast.
This is only the first race....many to go......
Rossi is the Champion and will always be.

Arnold Classic 2007

The Champion - Victor Martinez

2nd Place - Dexter Jackson

3rd Place - Tony Freeman

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cutting Down

I am not dieting but trying to cut down some fat.
I am training as usual but with lighter weight and higher reps.
I am into my 3rd weeks already and i can see the good result.
But of course not as good as when dieting.
I am not using any fat burner as before but simply cutting down the carbs and fat.
I try to increase my protein intake but it was very difficult to eat especially the meat.
Some people might wonder why it was so difficult to eat when it is a very easy job.
But to eat a high protein meal 5 - 7 times a day (grill only), without salt and oil, then you will know why.
Next week will be my last week for cutting down.
I already ordered my next supplement from which will arrive by next week.
I am trying to put on weight and muscle.
These are the suplements :-

1. Optimum Tribulus
2. Optimum BCAA 1000
3. ASN Humagro
4. Higher Power Creatine
5. Chromium Picolinate

I hope i can grow bigger.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I was at MPH BB Plaza today when i saw a book "Datin Seri Hendon, Srikandi Berjasa".
It amazed me, really. I was thinking......was she really "berjasa"?
For some people, she "berjasa". But for some other people, me included, she not that "berjasa".
As far as I am concerned (please coorect me if I am wrong), the only "jasa" was promoting Batik and Songket. That's all.
To be called "Srikandi berjasa" takes alot of "jasa". For me, Srikandi berjasa should only be given to woman like Ibu Zain, Tan Sri Fatimah Hashim, Tan Sri Aishah Ghani, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah and few other women. These women really berjasa to the people and country.
May be somebody want to kiss somebody's ass. Well, i dont know.............