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Monday, June 28, 2010

pimp my ride

the one and only in the world. hand made. Paul Senior of American Chopper pun meleleh air liur tengok moto ni

rear tyre size 300

it took 1 year to finish the bike. cost? tak payah cakap la. it was totally the owner idea and imagination.

it was soooooo detail. u cant even see a single wire or hose

all pictures didnt do justice to the bike. aku yang tak minat chopper pun bole melopong tengok this bike. 2 hari kitaorang datang tengok the bike kat rumah the owner. we spent hours just to admire this masterpiece.

Along, jangan jeles hahahahhahah. aku dapat duduk kat atas custom chopper.

the owner offers kitaorang ride the bike tapi kitaorang tak berani nak bawak. dia punya sound punya la kuat, bergegar jantung

exhaust keluar api bila start


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