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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am back

Its been a while since the last time i am here. Too busy with my works prevent me from writting in here as often as before.

I started this 2010 with a trip to Bandung with Murni, her mother, sister and her nephew. They went for shopping in Bandung. This is the first time i am on a plane. Somebody told me that the first experience will be scary but i found it otherwise. It was exciting. Especially when the plane took off. The torque was really amazing. The feeling was like when i open the throttle of my bike. I can feel the sudden jerk.

After came back from Bandung, i had my CBR exhaust changed. Now i am using Arrow. Yoshimura is history. The bike produced more power than before. The sound also much louder especially at high rpm. If previously, i cant hear the exhaust sound when i am riding even at only 130kmh but now i can hear the loud sound even at 170kmh. But at 240kmh i cant hear anything except the wind hahahaha. The torque is also increased. It took me lesser time to reach 200kmh. The look? definately sexier. The muffler is made from titanium together with the piping. The end cap is carbon fiber. For a start, it was only slip on with extra piping. It was only 40% of the exhaust system. Hopefully i can change the whole system as soon as possible.

This week, my office is moving to 2nd floor. This is the last week we are here at B-13. By next week we will be working at B-24. They are still renovating the unit. Rooms, wiring and painting are ready. By tomorrow, they will install the air-cond and hopefully they can also finish instaling the carpet so we can start to move the files and furnitures to the new office.

I will post pictures soon.


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