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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sparx Helmet

Sparx Free Born

When i was in Sepang for the MotoGP, i saw Ed Hardy booth selling KBC and Sparx helmet. I was long looking for KBC gun slinger duo helmet. The nearest place selling KBC is in Singapore but they dont have the helmet that i wanted.

KBC Gun Slinger Duo

I have tried to buy this helmet through the internet but the transaction was aborted by the seller after i finalised the purchase. Later the government imposed a law that prohibit the selling of uncertified helmet by Sirim. Thus, i cant buy any helmet from the internet because i am scared that it might be seized by the Custom.

Sparx Free Born

When i was at the booth, i asked the sales person whether they have the Gun Slinger. Unfortunately, there is no stock for it. In fact the manufacturer already stop the production of this helmet. At the booth there was this one helmet that catched my eyes. It was Sparx Free Born matte white. It was so beautiful with the skull graphic. But they dont have the right size for me. They promised that they will check the stock and inform me later.

On Tuesday, i called them and they said they have the stock and will keep it aside for me. On Saturday, i went to their warehouse as they yet to have the showroom and got my Sparx. They also give away the dark visor and t-shirt for me. Sparx and KBC have very nice graphic. I can say that as at todate, they have the best graphic in the market. So for those who interested in these helmet, look no further because we already have the distributor in Malaysia and they are going to have their showroom very soon. The next day i wore my Sparx for the first time to Kuala Klawang.


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