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Thursday, November 13, 2008

If PAS is not a race-based Party


After March 8, we are more racial than ever. Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has told those who say the last General Election was a vote to reject race-based parties and politics to stop deluding themselves. "We have become more racial than ever since the last General Election. We debate about race every day, more than before," he said. In an off-the-cuff lecture on Bangsa Malaysia in Putrajaya this morning, he said if the outcome of the March general election was a rejection of racial politics, there would be less talk about race today. Instead, race has become a central issue since March. That election has stimulated discussion about little else other than race.

"And if PAS is not a race-based party, then I am not Mahathir Bin Mohamad," he said.DAP not a race-based party? "Apart from some window-dressing, it's still the old DAP".And PKR? "It is said to be Islamic, it's also pro-Hindraf, and pro-Chinese educationists. But that's because there is this man with many faces who leads the party. After him, who will lead the PKR? If it is led by a non-Malay, it will not have the support of the Malays.

"Bangsa Malaysia without Bahasa Malaysia? Dr M also chided those who clamour for a Bangsa Malaysia but are unwilling to give due regards to the national language. These people, he said, should emulate Obama and children of migrant races in the US, Switzerland and Australia.

"Obama, who must be in some ways a descendant of a slave, is today US President. The blacks had tribes in Africa but after years in the US they all speak English. English is their mothertongue. The speak English at work, at school and at home. The same as the migrant Jews. They became naturalised American citizens. But they accpet that as Americans they must speak English.

"I'm not Malay Malaysian. Dr M said Bangsa Malaysia exists but mostly among Malaysians abroad, he said. "I've met many Malaysians overseas. Those who approached me introduced themselves as Malaysians, not Chinese Malaysians or Indian Malaysians or Malay Malaysians. Just Malaysians.

"But back home here, they want to go to different schools.

"Sekolah Wawasan. For a Bangsa Malaysia to be born, the current race-based schooling system must go. "This is the only country where we have different streams of schools: Chinese, Tamil and National schools. The Chinese educationists think their kids should not get any close to the kids from the national schools. Or they might turn into Chinese Mat rempits.

"The idea of Sekolah Wawasan was to put the 3 schools in one campus. This will compel the children of different races to meet and interact with each other. Morning assembly would be held together. The pupils will be in one assembly. When they play, they'll play together. Not Chinese school vs National school.

"I must admit the Sekolah Wawasan concept did not get support, especially from the Chinese educationist groups. They don't want to have anything to do with the Malays."


  • Apa perlunya 3 medium sekolah ni? Sampai sekarang aku tak faham. Pendapat aku la, kenapa Cina dengan India tak nak hantar anak-anak diorang kat sekolah wawasan. Senang je jawapannye.

    Kalau semua orang hantar anak diorang kat sekolah camtu, sapa nak gaji cikgu-cikgu sekolah depa lagi? So depa buat propaganda laa yang sekolah race based lagi baik sebab dapat menjaga nilai dan tradisi bahasa ibunda. Piiiraaaah!!!!

    Tengok macam Along, walaupun sekolah biasa je, dia masih lagi mempunyai nilai-nilai Ke-Tamilannya. Tengok macam Cohong, masih gak ada nilai-nilai Benggali. Tengok Macam Hamid, masih lagi dengan bahasa dan kekuatan tradisi Bajau nya (naik kuda je tak reti).

    Jadi, apa perlunya semua ni? Tu dah kira nasib baik dah buat 3 medium. Kalau kat Sabah Sarawak mintak buat camni lagi.. hampeh. Kat Sarawak saja dah ada 200 suku kaum. Takkan nak buat 200 medium sekolah kat Malaysia??

    Kadang, sistem kat Malaysia ni tak munasabah langsung. Lagi baik buat sistem lama, semua buat dalam English macam mak bapak kita dulu. Sebabnye, masuk universiti pon pakai English. Kecualilah Malaysia nak buat Universiti ikut bangsa pulak lepas ni...???

    By Blogger HH, At 11:14 AM  

  • Masalahnya dari dulu lagi diaorang refused masuk sekolah kebangsaan. Pada mereka, sekolah kebangsaan tak bagus, tak de kelas etc. Aku punya member berbangsa Cina yang cakap macam tu. So, apa bole buat.

    Diaorang nak hak sama rata. Tapi kalau bahasa pun tak boleh nak kuasai, bole blah.

    Kalau benda basic pun diaorang tak boleh nak ikut, macam mana dengan benda-benda lain? Sedangkan kalau kita tengok kat parlimen, majoriti MP yang bukan melayu tak bole bercakap melayu dengan baik. Kadang-kadang bahasa diaorang hancus, budak umur 5 tahun pun boleh bertutur lebih baik dari diaorang. Pastu dok bising pasal bangsa Malaysia

    By Blogger cohong gym, At 1:02 PM  

  • Yea Malaysian abroad memang lagi bersatu padu. Macam kat DIFC Malaysian boys hangout everyday for lunch dekat Dome. They are chinese, indian and malay but everybody will ask "are u Malaysian"? Janji Malaysian semua boleh duduk semeja dan borak dalam bahasa melayu plak tu.
    Tapi Hermmz, yg aku boring sikit orang kat sini mesti tanya aku "Italian"? malas la nak jawabbb..

    By Blogger Syamsulfaiz, At 8:16 PM  

  • perlu di ingat along... the reason diorang tanya u italian ke tak bkn sbb u ada rupa italian tp sbb nowadays org itali pn ramai yg berkulit 'malam' n 'kelam' mcm u.. tak caya lu cari ada seorang pemain bolasepak inter milan, nama die marco bartolini (kalau tak silap la..) cuba u compare kulit die ngn kulit u, ada sama tak?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:36 PM  

  • Hello. I'm Bond, Hamid Bond. And I'm a Malaysian. I am also a Bajauian. To all Sarawakian, KLian, or Semenanjungian, let's unite as Malaysians wherever we go. but if any of us have financial problems, we should all run away from those who have that problem. Don't share their problems!! hehehe But if any of us have extra girlfriends, passing among us is encourageble provided the girls are pretty and sexy. No gay (to Cohong and Herman) are allowed to be passed!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:17 AM  

  • Along,
    Itallian? macam rompit kata, mungkin pasal warna kulit kau. Pasal sekarang ni ramai gak Itallian yang hitam (kebanyakkannya mangsa kebakaran)

    Bond? Bondcit ke? hahahahah

    By Blogger cohong gym, At 11:42 AM  

  • Bondsom @ Bond Handsome!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:01 PM  

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