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Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is the Honda CBR 1000rr 2006. And this is the only colour available at NAZA but the last piece was sold few hours before we came

Aku tengah test Kawasaki ZX10r 2006
Last Monday, Mehtab and i went to Naza Bikes showroom in PJ. They are having Naza Carnival for 1 week. Mehtab's friend who a salesman there sms him that they are having a very good discount for superbikes. He said we will not believe the price they offered.

True enough, the prices are very tempting. I am prepared to pay the booking fee. Unfortunately, within 3 days of carnival, all sport bikes are sold except Ducati. Mehtab's friend try to help me by checking their system to find any bike still available. May be it was not the day for me, all sold.

This is the second time. Well, belom rezeki aku lagi nak pakai superbike. Mehtab's friend promise me that if anybody cancel their booking or their loan not approved he will book the bike for me. Today is Sunday and the last day of carnival and i havent received any call from him.

May be I have to wait for another time.


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