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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mat Taib as Minister? I beg your pardon

Mat Taib as minister. Not Menteri Besar Selangor but as Federal Minister, something like rural development minister. I never thought that he will become minister again after the "i cant read english" incident. No wonder in these 2-3 years, i always saw his face behind the PM on TV or paper. Now all the "bodeks" sudah berhasil.
Anyway, 7 ministers were dropped and 5 new faces were appointed including Zaid Ibrahim as Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri. The 7 drops including Rafidah Aziz. Poor her. I wonder why despite of her superb history and experience.
I am also looking for the familiar face, unfortunately couldnt find him. The "beloved" uncle Samy, where are you? Ahhhh i forgot, you lost in the election hehehehe. People already asked you to resign but you are too stubborn. Now what happened, you lost your pride and dignity but still ada hati nak maintain jadi MIC president. Shame on you. Be a man like Tan Sri Koh. I salute you Tan Sri. Its not because people dont want you, but because people hate BN (hate the PM and the SIL to be exact).
I read in Malay Mail today, guess what, KJ said "I dont want any ministrial post". He also said "I dont want to be the PM" hahahahhahaha funny. I thought he wants to be PM before the age of 40.


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