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Monday, March 17, 2008

System down, again

Shit! this is the "i lost count" times Maybank system was down within these 2 weeks. The banking system will only be ok in the morning and in the afternoon, the system will fail and let us, the customer feel down like shit. There were so many people waiting outside the bank waiting for the system to be back to normal but to no avail.
I cant understand why the system always failed lately. Maybank is the biggest bank in Malaysia if not the most profitable. The picket by the employees is not over, if i am not mistaken. The picket was already a nightmare to the customers. We have to wait until 1 - 2 hours before our number being called. What a shit. Cant they settle their internal issues, can they? Why we, the customers have to suffer?
So much from the biggest bank in Malaysia.


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