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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mehtab's R1

Mehtab came down to KL on Thursday night riding his Yamaha "the bloody" R1. He reached Steven shop at around 9.00pm. His R1 needs a makeover meaning a new powerful and loud exhaust. From the original Yamaha R1 to Arrow. The makeover included power commander, rear signal light, air filter and engine slider.
On Friday evening after work, we went to Sunway. When the mechanic starts the bike, the sound was loud and superb. Our heart were "berdebar-debar". The bike needs somemore tuning. We hangout with the Steven (the shop owner), Ah Ti (the mechanic) and few other customer until almost 12 midnight. You must see the owner's CBR 1000. It was spectacular. Sebijik macam Motogp and sound was extremely "koyak".
Then another customer came in on the new Suzuki 1000 K8. Beautiful bike with a superb chic. They want Steven to follow them jalan-jalan. They went off. But before Steven told Mehtab that the bike should be ready by tomorrow and can do a test at Sepang F1 circuit.
The next morning we came to the shop. The bike is ready. When everybody ready we ride to Sepang. Mehtab on his own because he forgot to pasang the footrest (hampeh), so i ended up with Stephan (another friend who gile about bike) on his Kawasaki Z750.
At Sepang, there were around 150 superbikers testing their machine. I am gonna get crazy looking at so many bikes and i dont have one (cilakak....poor me). Mehtab and few other rides follow Steven on the track to warm up. Steven was 2006 & 2007 Malaysian superbike Champion. Small and thin guy but he was the champion for 2 years in the row. Riding skill? tak payah cakap la.....perfect.
Unfortunately for Mehtab, the bike got some problem. After the test, we go back to Sunway. Stephan tried to follow Mehtab R1 but impossible. We were doing 160 km/h and Mehtab's R1 was going 220 km/h. Z750 is a naked bike.
We left the bike at the shop. Around 8.00 pm Me, Mehtab, Intan and Murni went to the shop. The R1 is ready. Mehtab ride and i drove the car. We lepak at Plaza Damas with Stephan. around 11.00 pm we left.
The next morning, Mehtab left to Penang. He will be back this Wednesday. Not with the bike. May be at the next test at Sepang.


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