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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thaipusam Pics

I have just added Along's and Bajau's pics when they were celebrting Thaipusam. Those pictures were taken by a professional photographer paid by both of them. Unfortunately their face were not shown clearly (they try to hide their indentity) in these pictures due to personal reason but you can bet that they were there.
1. 1st pic - Bajau painted his face red and pulling a lorry.
2. 2nd pic - Along was under the Kavadi. The lady is his aunty.
3. 3rd pic - you can see Along's nose and mouth. The man is his uncle.
4. 4th pic - They are Bajau's niece and nephew (Bajau was inside the thing on his nephew's head. How did he do that? ask him. heheheheh).


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