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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Workout

Last week, my training partner suggested that we should change our workout routine to improve strenght and muscle development. We've been on the same routine for almost 3-4 months and i think this is the right time to change. The old routine improved the muscle development perfectly but we think that, if we try new routine may be the muscles can develop much faster. We agreed to start on last tuesday. Here are our new routine. To Mr. Bajau and Along, if you are interested, may be both of you can follow our routine as well.

Tuesday - Chest, Back, Biceps & Abs

Chest - 1) Flat Dumbell Press
2) Flat Dumbell fly
3) Decline Press

Back - 1) Front Pulldown
2) Behind Pulldown
3) Machine Pulldown

Biceps - 1) Standing Barbell Curl
2) Preacher Barbell Curl
3) Seated Hammer Curl

Thursday - Chest, Back, Biceps & Abs

Chest - 1) Incline Dumbell Press
2) Machine Fly
3) Cable Cross Over

Back - 1) Dumbell Row
2) T-Bar Row
3) Deadlift

Biceps - 1) Machine Preacher Curl
2) Cable Concentration Curl
3) Cable Hammer Curl

We will train our legs, calf, shoulder and triceps on Saturday and Sunday but we havent decide the dicipline yet.
The workout on Tues & Thurs were so tiring. We train for almost 2 1/2 hours. I have started taking 4-5 meals a day. It consist of Eggs, Tuna, Chicken, Soya, Pasta & Rice.
I can see my 6 pax especially after i train my abs and after wake up from sleep. Jangan jeles Bajau hahahahahha


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