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Monday, January 28, 2008


i feel that my muscle is not as full as before after i stop using the "rol", "lol" and "bol" for more than 2 weeks now. i strongly believed that i need those rol, lol and bol again. But due to health reason and circle i must stop taking them after 1 1/2 months on them.
My plan is to take them back most probably after the Chinese New Year holiday. I feel so different without them even when i am training. I am not as active as when i on the "rol". I still can train for 2 hours or more but the feeling is different. When i am on the rol, i feel that i can train more and more without realising that i am done for the day. Without the rol, i still can train as hard as before but always looking at the clock hoping that the time is over. But dont got me wrong. I have been training for a long time. I only take those "L" things just recently to help a bit in my training.
For those people who trained as hard as me, they will know what i meant. Most of the people at the gym will ask what i eat, what supplement i take or is there any special supplement that can make them leaner or muscular. Most of the time i just laugh. There is only one answer to those questions. The answer is TRAIN HARD as if you are going to compete tomorrow and TRAIN SMART as if you are the Albert Einstein of the gym.
Most people will say "i trained hard but i didn't take the "roids" that's why i dont grow". Well they are definately wrong or may i say they are idiots. Bodybuilders especially the pros do take the roids. But it doesnt mean that you got to take the roids to be like them. Only a handful of gym goers wanna be a bodybuilder. The rest just wanna have a nice bod. So, without the roids, the nice bod can be achived by applying those two big words, TRAIN HARD & SMART.
In my gym, i saw a lot of people train like an idiot. They dont plan in anvance what they suppose to do before hitting the gym. They just observe the oldtimers and follow blindly. They must ask the oldtimers the right technique to ensure a better growth and safety of course.
I cannot guarantee you will become the Mr. Malaysia or even Mr. Kampung Sembulan, Mr. Pontian or Mr. Tanjung Malim if you train hard and smart but i can guarantee that you can see the improvement day by day. Trust me, i have been there.
So, guys bear in your mind, to achive a muscular and lean look you must not forget those two words.


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