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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hai Hai Hai

The weird Malaysian political scene. Yesterday he said if anybody besides Idris Jusoh becomes the Terengganu MB, it will be unconstitutional. But today he agreed with the Sultan's choice. Does he understand the state constitution? or he just blindly follow what other people said? Membaca itu jambatan ilmu. Biarkan si Luncai terjun dengan labunya, kalau dia nak terjun dengan anak, menantu and bini baru pun, biarkan je lah.

I just received my supplement yesterday. The supplement can last for 1 month, i hope. From my past experience, the supplement is proven for body mass and strenght. I gained almost 3 kilos within 2 weeks and the strenght also sky rocketed. Unfortunately, i had to stop taking the supplement due to the short supply. Yesterday was THE day. Today i started to take the supplement again. This time i planned to use it for 1 - 1 1/2 months. I want to see what it can do to my body within that period.
I also planned to add the dosage. According to my friend, i can increase the dosage after i get used to the supplement. There will be some side effect. But i am well prepared.


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