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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I want it bad

Mehtab is getting his R1 soon. Very soon. Most probably a week before raya. We already went out shopping for his new riding outfits. And they are bloody expansive. A good glove cost RM1000++, Jacket RM1,000++, Boots, pants, helmet, racing suit etc. They can easily drained up your saving. But they worth it. The feeling, the satisfaction that money cant buy. I really need this beast so bad but i cant afford it for the time being and she' wild too. I have to ride on something more friendly like the CBR. Mehtab told me to get a helmet and jacket so i can ride with him. I am going to get one for sure and already targeting this one shop. Hehehehehehehe. Will let you see my helmet and jacket once i get them.


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