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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Last Wenesday, Jijie, Mehtab and Faizal were in KL. Jijie got a seminar to attend. Mehtab has a meeting with bankers and Faizal need to go to Putrajaya to settle something. Jijie stay in my house cause Mehtab has to stay over at Tariq's house (his brother). For 2 nights we spend time wondering around KL and eat. Eventhough i am still dieting, but for my friends i dont mind sacrifice it for 2 days. Hehehehehehe.
On Thursday night, Tokan called me and all of us went to see him. Jijie has not seen Tokan for quite sometimes. As usual, we end up drinking (if you know what i mean). Mehtab and Faizal never drink. Jijie has quit. So only Tokan and me. Everybody enjoyed themselves to the max. Hahahahahahaha. I am a great host. Hehehehehe
On Friday morning, Mehtab and Faizal left. They are from Penang. Jijie still has to attend the last day seminar and left on the same day. So today i am all alone again.
Today is my usual day at the gym. Work my chest and arms out. I already lost 4 kg since my first day of dieting. Not bad huh. Well its only 3 weeks still long way to go.
To Zuz (the "pengunjung setia" of this blog) and Bajau...thanx for the birthday wish. Zuz....hang bila mau ada blog?


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