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Monday, July 23, 2007

Again and again

Yesterday race, Rossi lost to Stoner again. Stoner won his 6 races this season. Salute him. He is a great rider, but Rossi still the best, hehehehehehe. It was a dissapointed race for all Michellin tyre riders. Rossi, Edward, Hayden, Pedrosa etc. Bridgestone performed to the max. Now Stoner lead by 44 points. May be this year belongs to Stoner. Most probably he will be the World Champion. But we cant write Rossi off. He still got few races to go but if Michellin still cannot perform up to the expectation, they will cost Rossi the title.
It pissed me off watching how bad the Michellin tyre was. Absolutely fuck up. Rossi was the best Michellin rider. He had to use all his superb skills and guts to finish at least podium. But if Bridgestone or dunlop performed, it was a miracle if he can finish 4th or 5th.
I think Yamaha should change to Bridgestone. Michellin sucks. Those who on Michellin, cannot ride as they used to ride. They were underperformed by other riders. It was so sad to see the MASTER losing the title again this year. Anyway, i will still be in Sepang for the Malaysian GP this year. Go Rossifumi!!
For Bajau.....Cilakak lu. hahahahahahahaha


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