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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bigger or Fatter?

It's been almost 6 weeks since i took the ASN Humagro together with Tribulus
and of course along with Whey and Amino Acid.
Unfortunately, the effect was too slow and remote.
The HGH suppose to make the body bulkier and lean. I mean the lean muscle mass.
Before i took these supplement, my body weight was 70kg. Thanks to "bergedil".
I made my own bergedil. Meat + potato + a bit of black pepper. The taste was ok for the first few days but after one week, it taste like shit. Hahahahahhaha
But anyway, after 3 weeks on "bergedil" i managed to add 3 kg to my weight. Sound great huh.
After i started with HGH, my diet was mainly on fish protein and carb. I think that was the reason why i lost 1 kg. Shit.
I already changed my diet last week. Go back to meat and potato. See what will happen.
My order from the will arive soon. Most probably next Monday. I ordered Animal M Stack, Animal Pak and ZMA. Hope they will help to increase my weight and frame. And of course the diet is crucial too.
Still my target is 75kg. I will be on M Stack for 2 months. After that i will start the cutting process. I hope to see a better result. It has been a while since my last cutting process. Last time, i lost 4-5kg within 2 months. But still i cant see the clear 6 paks abs. May be my diet was not right. This time i will make sure to follow strictly and monitor my carb intake.


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