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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bravo bravo

Shanghaistephen wrote "Surely, surely, this Malaysian world champion, not once but twice, deserves something more than just a pat on the back. Lesser people have been given a datukship. Let's make her, if we are really proud of her as the PM says here, the youngest Datuk."
Nicol is one of the people who really deserve Datukship. Not like those "kaki bodek". She is the World Champion not once but twice. The youngest world champion.I think MSN should reduce the amount of money given to FAM and other Sport Bodies that doesnt show any improvement, instead put their money on squash, bodybuilding (we have Sazali Samad as 3 times Mr. Universe), bowling, Wushu, Karate. These sports bring glory to Malaysia.
May be its time for us to turn to squash or bodybuilding and make them popular. Forget about our local football. We can watch EPL, Serie A or Spanish League.


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