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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What the fuck

A friend of mine came to see me yesterday. He told me the main reason why he is here because he needs to talk about his problem...This guy was arrested somewhere before Raya during ops by the Narcotic dept. The first urine test was positive. Opppsss before i forget, he is a government servant. Afraid of losing his good job, he tried to talk to the police officer, investigation office etc on the day he was brought to the court. He's out on bail. He beg the police to help him since he's working with the government. The police said yes. My friend thought they are willing to help him for free not knowing that the police already used to this type of cases and they make alot of money from them. The police told my friend to pay them something and he did. But after paying, they pretend to be helpful and later toll him that they are not the person in charge. My friend has to go here and here to see so and so....To see this so and so, my friend has to pay again...and again same answer after few days...they are not the person in charge and they recommend another person who "can settle" his problem. Tired of being pushed here and there, my friend try to settle the problem by himself. He told me he already paid the policemen alot and already out of money. Knowing that they will not receive money anymore from my friend, the policemen "bengang". They threatened him that he will be sent to rehab. They said something like this "orang mahu tolong tak mahu. degil sangat". And I personally heard this words from the police mouth. Finally on the hearing day, the second test was negative. He's a free man again but not for long. Later he receive phone calls from another policeman asking him for money..WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! He's already a free man. You are innocent until proven guilty. The policeman threatened him to tell his boss if he refuses to pay him. Afraid of losing his job, my friend paid this guy. A few days later he called again for money. This is already too much! Look here man, my friend used to take does damned thing last time and now he's clean and trying to start a brand new life. Dont kacau him anymore bloody shithead. This time he refused to pay him and you know what, this shithead called my friend's boss and told him that my friend is a drug addict. The Boss called him and he had to tell the truth. The nightmare becomes real. He was told to go back and dont come to the office pending investigation. A few days ago he was transferred to another department. Later he was told that his gaji kena tahan! FUCK!!!!!!!! Impliedly his boss was telling him to find another job!
FUCK YOU SHITHEAD!!!!!! YOU WILL ROT IN HELL FOREVER!!!!! Jangan tabur pasir dalam periuk nasi orang lain la MOTHER FUCKER!!!!
For those policemen yang kuat makan rasuah......PEGI MAMPOS LA NGAN KORANG!!!!! MASUK NERAKA JAHANAM!!!!!! MAK BAPAK, BINI, ANAK, CUCU, CICIT ETC KAU PUN WILL ROT IN HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!
I am not saying that all police makan rasuah. But bak kata pepatah "sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga". So for the IGP, when people said police kuat makan rasuah, dont be offended. It's a fact and every single Malaysian knew about this long time ago.
So please wipe out this corrupt policemen from earth. Send them to other planet or hell, much better. We need police force who can take care of our security and maintain peace but not policemen who kuat makan rasuah.


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