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Monday, September 24, 2007


Road safety? How many times a day we heard about road accident? Raya is coming, PDRM is having Ops sikap, so we can know how many people killed and injured in accident everyday especially the motorcyclist. Reason for the accident? Careless of course. Riding to fast, too slow, sleepy etc. Those were what we've been told by the authority. I always hear people said dont ride fast, becareful when riding etc, but i never heard people said wear a good helmet or wear a riding boots and padded jacket.
I thought we suppose to have the safety gear checked first before riding. When everything is in order then the question of carefulness will come into the picture. How often you see on the road, those Mat motor, despatches are wearing safety boots, padded jacket and good helmet? Seriously, me myself never seen one. Why this thing happened? Safety is the most important thing to do before you start your bike. So far, i have only seen one advertisment on TV about helmet. Can you imagine what will happen to those cheap helmet in case of accident? Pecah dua! so, your head also gone. If you die, you are lucky. If you alive with head injury, you will suffer till the end of your live.
What i am trying to say is, why cant they wear the good helmet or boots or padded jacket instead of those cheap and sloopy helmets? The answer is money. The good quality helmets are costly. They dont come cheap. So when you pay peanuts you will get monkey. Good helmet brand like Shoei, Arai, AGV, Nolan, Suomy, Shark, OGK etc are very costly. Shoei for example, cost you RM1500 to RM2500 easily. The riding boots and jacket are almost the same price. The cheapest good boots is about RM800 and jacket is around RM500. Expensive right? Why is that so? Is it because the tax? positive. Government tax is expensive. Why? because they considered those good quality helmets, boots and riding jackets are luxury item.
Those items are not luxury but a neccessity. Every single motorcyclist in Malaysia have the right to wear a good quality helmets, boots, jackets etc. This is the human right. When the government imposing the tax, they are violating motorcyclist right to live. Dont they deserve a better live? Is it because they are from a lower/middle income group, they dont deserve better treatment? They are paying a heavy price for being unable to afford to buy those good quality things. Unfortunately, we are living in Malaysia, the beloved Malaysia boleh, where people dont care about their right. They dont even know what are their rights. Pathetic.
When people died because of head or back injuries, or crushed the leg or fingers and became amputated, nobody ever bother to look into the main cause. Those injuries can be prevented by wearing those good quality helmets, boots etc.
How many people have to die or become paralyzed just because of someone up there has no brain. Come on guys, stand up for your rights.


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